Emergency Group Sites

There are more or less two kinds of sites where FEMA placed travel trailers and mobile homes after the storm: Emergency Group Sites (EGS) and Commercial Sites (CS).

This map is the location of all the Emergency Group Sites. Emergency Group Sites were built and operated by FEMA, almost always under an agreement or permit from whatever municipality they were created in. These agreements/permits were often time limited and tenuous and occasionally the cause of tension. In Long Beach, for example, officials refused to allow any more than a few, despite available land because officials were upset when FEMA placed residents from outside Long Beach and Pass Christian in the park on Avenue A. In Gulfport, some officials are seeking to revoke their permit for existence and all Emergency Group Sites may have to be evacuated there by November 1.

Commercial Sites are simply groups of FEMA trailers or mobile homes on spaces rented by FEMA in existing commercial trailer or RV parks. The FEMA director for Mississippi's Recovery Office, Sid Melton, said the priority is to empty the Emergency Group Sites before the Commercial Sites, in large part because they may lose permission to keep them filled. In Florida, after the 2004 hurricane season, FEMA sold many of their travel trailers and mobile homes to residents and municipalities in their commercial sites. All Emergency Group Sites are now gone. One of the last ones, in Punta Gorda, closed down six months ago.

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