Jeff and Kari White enjoyed the magnificent view of Biloxi's Back Bay, but they don't want to go through another storm season on the water.
   Their 235 Lovers Lane home in Ocean Springs was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina and they lost everything. "I don't think we could go through it again," said Kari. "Our three children were devastated."
   Jeff, an attorney, and Kari plan to rebuild on Government Street. They had flood insurance.
   "The view was magnificent," Kari added. "We couldn't get enough of it, sitting on our back porch. We could see the bridge and the Palace and Imperial casinos and the fireworks displays every weekend."
   As they were evacuating to a relative's home just before the storm, they videotaped their 2,500-square-foot home. It was good to have that record, because when they returned there was little but the pilings left.
   "It was weird. I found some dishes that weren't broken," she recalled. "But we lost all the children's photos and all the videos."
   The house on pilings was up 15 feet and the Whites had planned to enclose it, add additional living space, a weight room and pool. "I'm glad we waited," she said.
   They have lived in Ocean Springs for 12 years and their oldest child graduated this year. They had lived on Lovers Lane since 1998.
   "Some things about Lovers Lane I will miss, but I won't miss the storm season," Kari said.