Fifteen years ago, financial consultants Marty and Lisa Wagoner bought the Creole cottage at 409 E. Beach Drive in Ocean Springs because "it was just a house that spoke to you."
   "That house was not fancy but a place that you call home," said Marty Wagoner.
   The cottage was built in 1973 to look the old style, and the Wagoners perpetuated that by reclaiming floors from homes torn down in New Orleans.
   "I took every nail out myself, put the floors down, too," he said.
   Then the Wagoners - Lisa hails from the green-thumbed Courtney Farms family - put their plant expertise to work and were eventually featured in Mississippi Gardening magazine. In time, they bought the little cottage next door, which they were told was built after Hurricane Camille by the American Red Cross for an elderly woman who'd lost her house.
   Katrina took both cottages.
   In July, the Wagoners and their 6-year-old twins hope to move into the first 758-square-foot house built by the Katrina Cottage Group, formed by three local architects.
   "We don't have resolution to our insurance yet, or our plans or a builder for the main house," he said. "We won't be rushed but will try to get it done in reasonable time.
   "We'll be back in our gardens, on our own land and the boys can go to the beach."