With its attractive mini-pavilions for socializing and inviting fishing opportunities, Ulman Avenue Pier was a focal point of the Bay St. Louis waterfront.
   Katrina's destruction is only temporary.
   "Ulman Avenue Pier will be rebuilt," said Mayor Eddie Favre. "The work on it has been submitted to FEMA and approved, so it's a question of when we can get to it."
   "Ulman Avenue wasn't just a fishing pier. People used it for almost everything. They'd exercise on it, sit and relax on it, get married on it. It's important to incorporate the rebuilt pier with some of the Governor's Commission (on Rebuilding and Renewal) ideas, and to expand it even more for larger gatherings."
   The governor's Renewal Forum calls for walkable communities with open spaces and amenities that play on small-town atmospheres.
   The pre-Katrina concrete pier opened in 1998, thanks to more than $400,000 in Tideland Funds Grant money. With another expansion in 2002, it reached at least 1,400 feet into the Bay of St. Louis.