The popular Pass Christian restaurant, Tigre's, was opened in 2002 by young business partners Thomas Genin and Victor Pickich. They had to wait until they were 21, old enough for a liquor license, because they wanted to offer an extensive wine collection and other popular libations.
   They pronounce their restaurant and bar as tea-gray.
   The irony of Hurricane Katrina taking their small, charming, fine-dining establishment - along with most of downtown Pass Christian - is that a hurricane lured them into the restaurant profession. When they were high school friends, someone from Chef Emeril Lagasse' staff evacuated to a cousin's house when a storm threatened New Orleans, and as Pickich said, "The next thing we knew we were at Emeril's back door."
   After high school graduation, they attended separate culinary academies, then opened Tigre's in the Pass. Then came a second restaurant in Baton Rouge in 2005, where they depend on a big LSU fan base.
   Four months after their Katrina losses, they opened Tigre's Supper Club in The Oaks, a posh Pass neighborhood where they can seat 50 with reservations and serve a five-course meal of whatever is fresh that day.
   Their next step is uncertain.
   "We really don't know the future yet," said Pickich. "We're waiting to see what we can build.
   "Building back in downtown Pass is a real good possibility. The Pass is a wonderful place."