Curt and Lynn Standfuss moved to South Mississippi with the gaming industry in 1992.
   Having worked on an Indian reservation in Minnesota, the Standfusses were ready for an employment change and joined the Casino Magic staff in Bay St. Louis. The casino is now known as the Hollywood Casino.
   They moved into a 1,750-square-foot, three-bedroom cinderblock home in Waveland, located one block from the beach, and were pleased to find a "nice, quiet and quaint area" to raise their three sons.
   After extensive remodeling - including enlarging the kitchen and converting the carport to two bedrooms - the Standfusses changed the look and feel of their "camplike" purchase.
   "It was one of those houses that if anyone walked in the door, you felt comfortable," said Lynn. "It was always the neighborhood house that kids were at."
   Though the 1960s structure withstood Camille's surge, Katrina wasn't as accommodating.
   The road to recovery required the couple to cash in their retirement and start over, but Lynn said the family wasn't going to leave the Waveland neighborhood they'd grown to love.
   "This is where we raised our children and I wanted them to know there would still be a home for them here."
   To help ease the worry of any future storm damage, the couple chose a 2,100-square-foot, three-bedroom modular home set on 10-foot pilings.
   Interior work will be completed once SBA issues a final payment.
   Until then, the Standfusses are happy to be working again, supervising table games at Hollywood Casino. They are hoping to move into their new home by the end of the month.
   "You can't wallow in self-pity, because everyone is in the same boat and you do what you can to get back on your feet and get some kind of normalcy in your life," she said. "It's gotten easier and the roller-coaster ride isn't as crazy as it was in the beginning - not so many peaks and valleys."