The Andersons were the third owners of Shearwater, and the house, built in 1833, was there when they bought the 24 acres for $1,500 in 1918. It would eventually become a large family compound in Ocean Springs.
   George Anderson didn't want his wife to choose it, leery of living close to the water with storms, but she thought it a great place to encourage the artistic muses of their children.
   Called The Front House, or still "Mamma and Daddy's House," 102-C Shearwater was, as Peter Anderson, the potter who started Shearwater Pottery, would say, "a wonderful house for gatherings."
   He was the "Daddy" because after he married, his parents let him restore the house and that's where Peter's four children grew up. The current owners are his daughter, Marjorie Ashley, and her husband, James, who contemplate putting a small cottage there so descendants will have a place to gather.