Dr. Thomas Seglio and his wife, Angelina, bought their Mediterranean-style house at 303 Front Beach Drive in Ocean Springs for its view of Deer Island and its neighborhood feel. Clay tiles topped the 4,500 square-foot house and the oak trees were “breathtaking,” in the opinion of the Seglios. They had the best view of holiday fireworks shows, to boot.
   The Seglios spent a year renovating the house inside and out, partly for their own tastes and partly to fix improper installation of synthetic stucco when it was built in the mid-1990s.
   With new stucco, a new curved staircase, new wrought-iron deco and a “warming up” of style, the restoration was finished not long before Hurricane Katrina struck.
   “The storm left us with only two side chairs out of a dining room set that was part of a wedding gift,” said Angelina Seglio, a respiratory nurse whose husband is an ER director. “That was all we had left. One of them was found on a neighbor’s porch.”
   The Seglios and a 9-year-old daughter have found a temporary home.
   “Our plans are to eventually rebuild,” she said. “We’re fighters. We’re not going to let the storm push us around.    We’ve fallen in love with the Gulf Coast. It’s a magical place.
“   We’ll increase the elevation and maybe have concrete reinforcement or steel beams. We’re talking about getting an architect out after we figure out the money situation like so many other people.”
   Whether they will build back Mediterranean-style is undecided.
   “It depends on what the people around us rebuild because we want to fit in,” Seglio said. “I think it will be interesting to see how the whole Coast rebuilds. The spirit here is amazing. The storm put us in touch with community and our neighbors. We rose above the devastation holding hands.”