The house at 138 Vacation Lane in Waveland has fought two hurricanes. It won with Camille but lost to Katrina.
   Aimee and Harold Segrave bought the house, located 600 feet from the beach, with an SBA loan in 1971 to repair damage from flooding.
   When they passed away 10 years ago, their son and daughter-in-law, David and Yvonne Segrave, used the house as a weekend getaway from New Orleans and eventually made it a permanent residence after an extensive remodel.
   "We were familiar with the area and when they passed away, the home came to us," said Yvonne. "I am a Mississippian and really wanted to come back, so we decided to make the move."
   Renovations included an open floor plan with Italian tile, granite countertops and additional bedrooms, but the home couldn't handle Katrina's punches.
   Determined to not let a good fight keep them down, the Segraves began construction on a "mountain-lodge-style" home in February.
   With 17-foot "telephone-pole like" pilings drilled into the ground, the new 2,100-square-foot, two-bedroom house is set 25 feet above sea level.
   Beams made of refinished pine salvaged from the storm frame a triangular shape across the ceiling, and steel joists, also salvaged, are welded to the piling caps and reinforcing rods.
   According to engineers, the custom-designed house is expected to withstand winds up to 140 mph.
   Before the couple moves in November, a wooden wraparound deck will complete the project.
   "We both love this community and this is our home," said Yvonne. "At first, I did miss the old house but I'm so pleased with how this one is turning out and I'm just not thinking back anymore."