Noted for its steaks and its buffet and bakery, Ryan's Steakhouse on the beachfront in Gulfport did a busy seasonal business with family clientele. Ryan's opened in 1990 and did a lot of senior citizens business as well.
   Hurricane Katrina demolished the restaurant, and the company is selling the property at 2300 Beach Drive.
   "We've decided it's best to sell and develop somewhere else, possibly up on Highway 49," said Rob Tope, corporate real estate manager for Ryan's Restaurant Group of Greer, S.C. "Katrina blew out the walls. The decks are gone, and it has to come down," said Tope. "It was gone in a couple of hours. I came down and saw what Katrina did. The destruction was hard to imagine."
   Only a few oak trees survived at Ryan's.
   "We really did a great business. It's such a beautiful area," said Tope.
   "But it could happen again."
   The restaurant group is working with its insurance company, and Tope is working to sell the property. "It's 3.57 acres of beautiful 222 foot waterfront property," he said.
   Ryan's has more than 340 restaurants in 23 states.