Coleman Avenue in Waveland was a restaurant hot spot for years before Katrina had a feast of her own.
   One of the street's most popular tenants for 6 years was Rickey's Bar & Grill, which offered a variety of savory flavors rooted in local and international cuisine.
   In March 2006, Rickey's reopened at a new location in Bay St. Louis at the Zuppardo Plaza near Hollywood Casino.
   Co-owner Bill Boyd misses the Waveland area, but he can't help but to see how receptive the community has been to his new location.
   "I used to be able to sit out on the porch and talk to the customers, and the new place doesn't have that," he said. "
   ... but, business is very good. When we reopened, there were only a couple of places to eat so we didn't have to advertise and word of mouth traveled fast."
   The laid-back and casual restaurant still carries the same decor, a Caribbean theme centered around dolphins.
   After Katrina, some of the regulars found little glass dolphins scattered around the restaurant's Waveland slab and brought them to the new location.
   Boyd's co-owner, Rickey Peters, also is the head chef who attributes his culinary skills to time he spent with his Sicilian grandmother, Cajun French grandfather and the well-known New Orleans chef, Paul Prudhomme.
   By fusing Italian, Cajun and Creole tastes, Peters has designed signature dishes such as Eggplant Lasagne Luzzianne - layered fried eggplant stuffed with shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage, ground beef and provolone cheese, topped with tomato Alfredo sauce.
   Boyd admits he briefly thought about not rebuilding, but he and Peters felt a responsibility to the customers and employees to bring Rickey's Bar & Grill back to Hancock County.
   "Rickey found the spot and decided it would be a good move... we wanted to get back in business," he said. "We will be even better once the casino opens and the bridge gets rebuilt."