When families think about Point Cadet Plaza, they recall so many fun events, such as the annual Blessing of the Fleet and Shrimp Festival.
   "It was once known as the International Plaza, which is indicative of the diversity of the Point Cadet area," said Vincent Creel, public affairs manager for the city of Biloxi.
   "The future of the Point is up in the air," said Creel. "Gaming groups have expressed an interest in that area, and a number of adjoining land owners have sold their property. There is no firm decision yet."
   In recent years it has been a popular Farmers Market for families seeking home-grown fruit, vegetables and flowers. The Farmers Market is now operating under I-110 at Howard Avenue on Tuesday and Thursday.
   "Most families remember it for the fais-do-do (French for street dance) and seafood festival," said Creel.
   But perhaps its most significant time in history was its years as the Biloxi Air Station and Coast Guard Radio Station, 1934-47.
   Recalled by most as the Coast Guard Hangar, it became home to 30 Coast Guardsmen, four officers and six seaplanes in 1934.
   "During World War II, they were the eyes and ears to watch for submarine activity," said Edmond Boudreaux with the Mississippi Coast Historical and Genealogical Society.
   "A German submarine was spotted near the mouth of the Mississippi River and the Coast Guard sank U-166, the only one sunk in the Gulf and the only one sunk by the Coast Guard."
   After the hurricane of 1947, the Point property was returned to the city of Biloxi.