South Mississippians, and people throughout the world, have enjoyed the sweet Southern delicacies offered at the Pecan House in McHenry.
   These confections, including fudge, pralines and pies, are from the secret recipes of Barbara Overstreet, the former owner. Her daughter Phyllis Shoemake, who now owns the business on U.S. 49, says her mother is still involved. Overstreet started the Pecan House in 1983, building it with wood used from the vats of an old Wiggins pickle factory. Katrina claimed the wood walls.
   "It just made me heartsick. Those walls were special to us, especially because my brother helped build it and he's gone now," Shoemake said. "My whole family had to come and see it because at some point in their lives they have worked here."
   Some wood was salvaged and Shoemake hopes to use those boards, possibly to replace counter tops. She has stored the water-logged counter tops because family names are carved on them.
   The old tin roof that gave the shop its country flair is also gone and will be replaced with a new metal roof. Although there is only tar paper for now, the Pecan House reopened Nov. 12 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.    Business is getting back on track, says Shoemake, who is also shipping to customers ordering from old catalogs because the most recent ones were destroyed.
   "A lot of corporate business is gone, but we still have a lot of long-term businesses that are glad we can ship their Christmas orders. I have also picked up a couple of new customers," she said.