Like a magnet, Old Town Bay St. Louis draws locals and tourists to Hancock County to play, eat, shop, or just soak up the laid-back waterfront atmosphere that is Old Town's trademark.
   Along the beach side, high on stilts sat Dock of the Bay, a restaurant-club originally opened by Jerry Fisher of Blood, Sweat and Tears. Magnolia Mall, Trapani's, the Old Coffee Pot Restaurant, Bay Crafts and Chessy's are just a few of the other familiar places.
   With an eclectic mix of architecture, eateries, shops and art galleries, people returned for more, gladly parking and walking the distance down North and South Beach Boulevard and up Main Street. Old Town is a while-away-the-hours kind of place.
   That's why this bird's-eye view of Old Town, the heart of a city with 8,000-plus people, is so poignant. Hurricane Katrina ate away much of the waterfront bluff and most that was on it, including long strips of the beach boulevard itself.
   Town fathers have vowed to rebuild better than before but with a flavor that will continue to justify the Old Town name.