Nothing is left of the Bobbie and Buster Murphy home and apartments in Biloxi but the steps.
   The apartments were swept away by the storm and possibly hit by the Grand Casino barge.
   David Mattina, a Biloxi restaurateur, recalls 22 fun years when he lived on the beach, next door to the Biloxi Yacht Club, in what was a converted apartment complex.
   "We couldn't tell if it was the force from Katrina or if possibly the barge could have taken it out," Mattina said.
   The barge on which the Grand Casino was built washed across U.S. 90 and ended up a few yards from the apartments.
   "People who stayed at the Tivoli Hotel said the barge floated about 3/4 of a mile and hit the Yacht Club and hotel before ending up by the apartments."
   Mattina, who was not living at the beach apartments when the storm hit, said it was a particularly well-built structure. "I certainly didn't think it was ever going anywhere," he said.
   During Hurricane Camille in 1969, two guys rode out the storm on the second floor where the flood waters reached, Mattina said.
   The longtime owners, Bobbie and Buster Murphy, have died, but are still remembered for the parties they gave at their beach home, said Mattina, who owns and operates Jazzeppi's Restaurant. The Murphys were in the real estate business.
   The home was originally known as "the Kennedy House," said Mattina. "It was more than 75 years old. The bottom floor was a carriage house which was later rebuilt as the first floor where the Murphys lived."
   The property is now owned by Cherry and Charles Porter of Brandon.