The most popular items at McElroy's Harbor House are stuffed flounder, seafood platters, po-boys and "good unsubstantiated Harbor gossip." Before the popular, locally owned restaurant in Biloxi's Small Craft Harbor was destroyed by Katrina, it was open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
   Every morning, local folks gathered for coffee and town gossip.
   The restaurant was opened in 1974 by Mickey McElroy and his parents, with the trio wanting to step up from running A &W Root Beer stands. It remains a family business, has expanded four times and had 85 employees before Katrina.
   Two years ago, the family opened McElroy's on the Bayou in Ocean Springs. The latter had seven feet of water but plans are to reopen before Christmas.
   As for Harbor House, "Onward and upward. Why would there be anything else but reopen?" said Mickey McElroy. "We have to deal with whatever FEMA and the government says but we have 22 years on the lease and we're not going anywhere."
   After Katrina, he left his house - which also received 7 feet of water - and headed downtown. He couldn't get farther than the post office on Main Street, but the first recognizable thing in the rubble was a painted block from the restaurant mural.