Dr. William and Pat Lobrano designed a home built over two years on Lovers Lane in Ocean Springs.
   Water surrounded the spit of land where their home sat, along the last third of the street.
   "We just built the house because we wanted to live on the water," said Bill Lobrano, who has practiced family medicine for more than 30 years in Ocean Springs. "This was our final house. We weren't planning to build another."
   If he had not been a doctor, Pat Lobrano believes the man she married in 1999 would have been an architect.
   He drew what the outside of the house would look like and, when she came up with an idea for the interior, he penciled it in.
   "Whatever I could think of," she said, "he could draw."
   They moved into the 4,300-square-foot home at 241 Lovers Lane in January 2003. Bill Lobrano was skeptical of his wife's idea to heat the stone floors downstairs, but came to appreciate their warmth. Upstairs, they had wood floors.
   Only four of 24 houses were left standing at the end of Lovers Lane after Hurricane Katrina, including the Lobranos'.
   They are rebuilding.
   "We're going back," Pat Lobrano said. "We love it and we're not ready to give up and move inland."