When Tropical Storm Cindy swept through in July 2005, it claimed the end of Lake Mars Pier and a lot of its new lighting.
   The pier is at the edge of Gulf Park Estates, at the end of Mars Lake Road, where there is also a boat launch. The wooden pier is popular for day and night fishing and crabbing, or as a place to sit and contemplate Mother Nature's scenic marshes or to chat with friends.
   The work crew for the Jackson County Department of Recreation had just completed the last of Cindy repairs and other improvements the Friday before Katrina, which undid their work and a lot more.
   Nine months later, it's still mostly pilings; the water's-edge gazebo will have to be rebuilt. But the pier will rise again.
   "It's a good fishing pier and a lot of people use it," said recreation director Jack Hamilton. "We're planning on putting it back."