Bayou Caddy Marina in Lakeshore was built with state tidelands lease money in the late 1990s, and that, in a nice twist of circumstance, is how Robert "Capt. Bob" Kenney found his home across from the marina.
   While passing by in his Aimee Lynn he spotted the perfect house for sale - perfect in his mind because he could dock his shrimp trawler alongside his lawn.
   "Finding a house on the Coast where you could keep a 72-foot boat is unheard-of," said Kenny's wife, Linda. "It was the perfect place, the last house on the beach road in Mississippi."
   "It was three stories high, with fabulous views. We both loved it. It was 13 years old, and we heard that when the original owners heard a commercial marina was coming in they wanted to move."
   The Kenneys bought the house at 5011 Lambert Lane eight years ago but kept their primary residence in Slidell, La., where long ago they opened a seafood market, now run by a daughter and her family. Capt. Bob brings in the fresh catch; Linda sells it.
   The Kenneys also ran two charter boats. Theirs was definitely a life on the water.
   In Katrina they lost the Lakeshore house, two vehicles, and three boats, but not the Aimee Lynn, which had been removed to safe harbor. Their Slidell house was also damaged and now they're in a FEMA trailer there; the Aimee Lynn is moored at the gutted Lakeshore property.
   "We miss being in Lakeshore and shrimping," she said. "We could never build back for what insurance pays us. We want to live back there, and I think we will. We can't rush into anything but there's so much about it that makes us want to be there."