Basil Kennedy, vice president of Peoples Bank, Waveland branch, said it all when he replied, "We are very lucky people," when referring to meeting his soul mate after grad school and eventually moving into their dream home.
   For their fifth wedding anniversary, Basil gave his wife and sweetheart, "Weezie," house numbers for their dream home at 638 N. Beach Blvd. as a gift. After nine months of fixing up the home, Basil and "Weezie" moved in.
   "It was a glorious day. We were lucky to live in the house of our dreams for almost 31 years," Kennedy said.
   "Thank God for friends," he said. "The friend we usually stay with left for the first time and scared my wife to death so we accepted an invitation to stay in Hattiesburg with my daughter's high school softball coach, Courtney Shivers, whose church group adopted us and other families after the storm."
   When they returned, the only thing that distinguished their slab from their neighbors' was the fire hydrant in their front yard.
   "The only thing we found was a side light off the front door, the top of one window and a leg off of our antique dining room table, which is the one thing we will miss the most, and, of course, the photos that were stored in a car that we thought we moved to higher ground. Our dining room set came from my family's plantation home in Louisiana from the 1840s."
   The Kennedys have built a temporary garage home on their lot.
   "I have no intention of going anywhere. We now have the 'oldest' habitable structure on Beach Boulevard north of Highway 90," Kennedy said. "If there's one thing we have gotten out of this, it's the value of family and friends and how truly giving the people of this country are."