Hubbard's Hardware has thrived as a Nicholson Avenue hub since the 1950s, when Richard Hubbard's father, Manny, opened it in Waveland.
   In the week after Katrina, even before Richard Hubbard officially reopened his doors, customers came knocking at his home, just a few doors down, to ask for hardware supplies. He'd take them over and help look through the mess in the store.
   About a week after Katrina, he officially opened, one of the first Waveland stores to do so. The hard-hit city lost many homes and businesses and all but a few were flooded.
   Customers, however, weren't allowed in, and the hardware staff handed supplies through a window. Four feet of water and debris played havoc in Hubbard's, two blocks north of the railroad tracks, but he knew Wavelanders needed supplies.
   In the beginning, Hubbard even opened on Sundays but set hours to allow time for his own employees to care for personal property. He has nine employees and said he needs more. Now that the doors are open to customers, he's taking sections at a time to repair walls, pegboard, counters and such.
   "We'll definitely stay in business, but to stay here or move to the highway is the question," Hubbard said. "I'm thinking we'll stay here. They had more water on U.S. 90 than we did here because we're on a ridge. We started an addition before the storm, so we'll have to see who we can get over here to get it done."