Before Katrina, no one thought a great deal about this little house at 220 North Beach Blvd. in Bay St. Louis. Like 576 other houses in the Bay, it was on the National Register and was dated 1893 as a residence.
   The hurricane revealed its real history, stripping away the more "modern" facade. Now the Hancock County Historical Society considers it one of the most interesting little houses, at 10 feet by 30, on the registry.
   Fallen walls have revealed hand-hewn timbers and lathing, horsehair plaster and parts of a building thought to date to the 1780s, making it one of South Mississippi's oldest structures. Although it cannot be rebuilt, the Hecker family that owns it has donated the pieces to be used in the construction of a museum.
   The National Trust for Historic Preservation and others undertook its disassembly.