Peter Fritzching came to Hancock County to work a two-week assignment as an engineer for the Wellman Inc. project at Bienville Industrial Park. His task stretched into two years, and by then he and his wife Christel were hooked on the Mississippi Coast.
   In 1999 they bought a two-story townhouse on the south side of Diamondhead, complete with boat dock. Their new home, at 32 Harbor Circle, provided an idyllic life.
   "My husband is a boater raised on Chesapeake Bay, and a pilot, too," said Christel Fritzching. "I'm a golfer, so what more could we ask for? It was all right here for us, along with the fabulous weather. We got used to not freezing in the high mountains of North Carolina. We decided to retire here."
   The Fritzchings bought a place at Harbor Townhouses, in the part of Diamondhead south of I-10. An interesting note to this couple's history is that in the wake of World War II Christel Fritzching lost everything when she, her mother and grandmother were forced to leave what was then Prussia for what would become West Germany. She lost everything again with Katrina.
   For now, the Fritzchings have bought another house in Diamondhead, this time on the north side. Returning to the south side is not out of the question, although it's not likely to be a place similar to Harbor Townhouses as they watch with interest talk of high-rise condominiums.