The 1900s Queen Anne house was renovated in 1999 to become the Chimneys, a restaurant owned by Peter and Dix Nord, who moved from the Long Beach Harbor site to the house on Gulfport's Beach Boulevard.
   The work the Nords put into the house was cited in 2004 by the Gulfport Downtown Association as a significant contribution to revitalizing the area.
   The restaurant was a popular fine dining one known for seafood dishes and a spectacular view of the Mississippi Sound.
   The turn-of-the-last-century house was destroyed Aug. 29 by Hurricane Katrina.
   Dix Nord said she and Peter are still undecided about their plans. Their house on Brickyard Bayou in Gulfport also had major water damage when that area took about 20 feet of water.
   "We're waiting for the insurance company. We had no flood insurance so this is a huge determination," she said. "We'd love to be back as part of the community, but really, we have no idea right now."