Main Street reflects its name as the main artery in the heart of Bay St. Louis.
   For years, it has offered a mix of locally owned art galleries, gift shops and restaurants, as well as professional businesses, many in converted houses that retained their porches and charm.
   On the second Saturday of each month, merchants invited the public to nibble food, socialize and listen to music while they explored the Bay's quaint shops.
   September's Second Saturday was canceled because it was too close to Katrina's visit, but on Oct. 8 it resumed - a little farther down Main Street.
   The Front Beach shops are gone, as are some on the east end of Main, but Katrina did not zap the town spirit. Several hundred locals and people from other communities came to support the Bay that first post-Katrina Saturday.
   "Main Street will come back. There is no doubt about it," said Mayor Eddie Favre. "Some business folks have already expressed returning, and now we're having Second Saturday every Saturday, not just once a month."
   Each Saturday, Main Street bustles with more business, entrepreneurs selling things and more people to browse and buy.
   "As we rebuild, we'll try to tie downtown into Main Street even better than before," said Favre. "Everyone was talking after the storm that we'll build back bigger and better. We don't necessarily need 'bigger' because our small-town atmosphere is what makes Bay St. Louis. But 'better' is good.
   "The workers coming here to help us see what a unique community this is and they see the beauty here, despite what has happened. And it can only get better."