The 19th-century, waterfront McFaul House was a Pascagoula landmark when the Bosios bought it from the McFaul-Rigby family, who built and owned it for a century. The 12-foot ceilings and view of the Gulf islands were impossible to resist.
   "I just always loved old houses," said Jill Bosio. "I had to convince my husband because he grew up in an old house in New Orleans and that probably was the last thing he wanted."
   The house began a new chapter when the Bosios moved in 1988. With four children to raise there, the family added "wings" but kept the 2,000-square foot main house intact and modernized with 19th-century charm in mind. Across the beach road, they shared a pier with neighbors and became expert at fishing and throwing a cast net.
   The front lawn continued to serve up spectacular views of Round Island and, on clear days, Horn Island.
   "I was driving back from Jackson a month ago, in the mid part of the state, and the sun was setting," Bosio said. "And all of the sudden it hit me that I miss living on the water. I miss my chair on the front porch. I miss the Gulf. I miss watching the sunrises and the sunsets."
   Katrina took most of the house, except an area that included Dr. Bruner Bosio's study. Her husband is an OB/GYN, and she is a legal nurse consultant. All that was theirs is gone and nothing remains of the McFaul House and the modern additions.
   "After the storm we were fortunate enough to buy another house in Pascagoula, in the north part, because there weren't many that weren't damaged," she said. "Now we're an extended family living there because one of my sons also lost his place.
   "We hope to rebuild. If the elevation issues are resolved and if we get insurance money, we will rebuilt, but it will be awhile. The rebuilding is so slow.
   "But I believe the Coast will come back."