Tim Anderson had a passion for making the beach accessible and more inviting for use by locals and tourists, goals he could spearhead as director of the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority. He fought for comfort stations with toilets and outdoor showers, for better parking and safe walkways.
   When Anderson left that job in 1994, a 26-mile boardwalk that was to stretch from Henderson Point in Pass Christian to Point Cadet in Biloxi was well under way.
   When he died of a heart attack several months later at age 46, the county Board of Supervisors honored Anderson by putting his name on the boardwalk.
   The Tim Anderson Boardwalk is a mixture of concrete sidewalks and wooden planks.
   "There aren't many places in the country where there is a beach and busy highway with a dividing fine-line of a seawall," said Bobby Weaver, the current Sand Beach director. "The boardwalk is a much-needed pathway along the U.S. 90 corridor." Katrina played havoc with the boardwalk. Some of the wooden sections are intact, some are gone. Some of the concrete walkways stayed, some were undermined by shifting sand and water.
   "Right now we are in the process of writing up our project worksheets with FEMA, and step one is getting the beach clean and the debris away from the boardwalk and seawall," Weaver said.
   "Before we rebuild the boardwalk, we will look at those parts that withstood the storm and make those changes on repairing and replacement. By April I'd like to have the boardwalk under way, with some of the work by our own crew, some contracted out."