Since Hurricane Katrina, national television has been to the Biloxi Town Green to broadcast the Coast's battle and its recovery efforts from the deadly storm.
   The Green has been resodded and is an obvious part of the recovery.
   "The national broadcasts since the storm have served as a platform to tell our story," said Vincent Creel, public affairs manager for the city. "We've put in a new irrigation system and Biloxi Town Green is green again."
   He pointed out that ABC's "Good Morning America" broadcast from that scenic spot just a couple of weeks ago. There was national coverage of the unveiling of the Hurricane Katrina Memorial and also an "Extreme Makeover" broadcast, Creel said.
   The Town Green is located at Lameuse Street and U.S. 90 and is a favorite spot for many celebrations.
   "Many families in the community like to gather there for the July 4th fireworks display," said Creel. "We've had 'I Love America' performances on the Green."
   Easter egg hunts and other children's programs have been regulars on the Green.
   The Biloxi Bay Chamber of Commerce, which relocated the archway sign to a better southeast corner, now has a joint project with a team at Keesler Air Force Base to restore and light the sign. Capt. Brad Ledford and Lt. Mike Fuller of the 81st Training Wing Civil Engineers are heading up that project.
   Creel said two of the Green's historic cottages were destroyed by the storm and there has been no decision yet on replacements.