The seven townhouse units known as Beachplace featured special amenities and a gorgeous view. But the three-story units were lost, like much of the beachfront, to Hurricane Katrina.
   "The individual townhouses had elevators, hot tubs on the roof and a beautiful view," said Debbie Gomila, a real estate salesperson with Owen and Company. "We had them all listed at one time."
   The townhouses have different owners, and it has not been determined if they will be rebuilt at 4808 Beach Blvd., Gulfport.
   Diana McCall, a school librarian in Southfield, Mich., bought one of the townhouses for $360,000 and loved the Mediterranean style and Gulf view. "But I only had it 15 months before the storm and only slept in it nine nights," she said in a phone interview.
   Developer Art Young, who got state recognition for the townhouses, said he considered it the nicest project of its kind on the Coast.
   "We would like to build back," Young said. "We have a homeowners' association, and we will work through that. But everyone right now is involved in insurance issues."
   Gomila said Young, as the developer, won the state's top award for best townhouse development in 2003.
   "It was a great design, with such beautiful kitchens with granite table tops," said Gomila. "With the ocean view from the top, you didn't even know there was a Highway 90."
   The townhouses included both two-bedroom and three-bedroom units. Every other one was different, with up to 2,100 square feet.
   "I want my townhouse back," said McCall. "I went to an art fair in Pass Christian and found out what a wonderful place it is. I want to see the Coast rebuilt," she added.