Located on the beach just off Tegarden Road in Gulfport since 1958, Beach Pharmacy was totally gutted during Katrina.

   In its beginnings, this family business owned by Gus Carraway and Ray Calvert was originally located in a small building in the parking lot. One year before Hurricane Camille the business moved into the shopping center and a year later was gutted clean. After only two months of operating out of a trailer, it was back in its location and open for business.
   Katrina brought an all-too-familiar situation, but even worse.
   Larry Krohn, who has been with Beach Pharmacy since 1974, and who took ownership in 1991, recalls his thoughts just before Katrina hit. "We knew it was going to be bad enough to pull our computers out, and that is why we were able to get started as soon after Katrina as we did. We just didn't know it was going to be this bad."
   A few days after the storm, while assessing the damage on DeBuys Road, Larry and his family noticed a virtually damage-free building. They felt lucky for the opportunity to move into a vacant doctor's office in the Gulf Coast Professional Tower at 2781 C.T. Switzer Road in Biloxi, next to Nezaty's Café.
   Disappointed like so many that they lost their whole business, Larry was still able light up as he spoke of future plans.
   "We are planning on building our new home north of Pass Road on Cowan Road next to the cleaners," he said. "We hate to leave the beach and we are keeping the name even though we are not directly on the beach. Otherwise people may not know it is Jason and I...
   "Now we have made jokes about changing the name to 'Off the Beach Pharmacy' or 'Formerly on the Beach Pharmacy,' but no, we will remain Beach Pharmacy."